Inspiration! 600+ Curated Reference Photos for Painters

Mike McCain
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622 edited, color-graded photos of landscapes, lighting conditions, and moods that have caught my eye over the years. If you're looking for painting inspiration, color palette ideas, lighting reference, interesting compositions, that sort of thing, you might find this set helpful! If you're looking for subject matter-specific reference, or raw source material to use in a 3D workflow, this probably isn't the reference pack for you. 

Use these for photo studies, reference / mood boards, color design, photo-bash directly in your paintings, or generate textures & brushes from them. They just need to be used in work YOU'VE created - you can't share, sell, or otherwise redistribute the original photos themselves. 

Locations include plenty of US National Parks and wilderness areas, Taiwan, Scandinavia, Patagonia, and more. Not every shot is an amazing photo, but it's something I was interested in, wanted to capture, and then thought was worth editing later. So it's all attempts at real photography, basically - there's no "just taking a picture of this rock for later" shots. All shots are at least 2000px wide, and most are 4k+ (4000-6000px wide.) Shot with Sony A7III and NEX-6 over the last 7 years and edited in Lightroom.

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  • 622 .jpg photos (in 1 .zip file)

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  • 622 .jpg photos (in 1 .zip file)
  • Size2.58 GB


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Inspiration! 600+ Curated Reference Photos for Painters

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