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Free Brush Pack: 7 Custom Brushes for Procreate

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A free sample pack of my stylized Procreate brushes! If you like these, check out my full Procreate brush sets. I've also included a bonus timelapse video (no audio) of me painting the cover image, which was done primarily with the brushes in this set.

NOTE: If you're looking for my latest general-purpose brush pack, check out Flat+Angular Brush Pack.


MM Streak (Azimuth) — A fun textured brush-stroke. Try it for wood grain, or any texture that’s messier/noisier but still has a somewhat linear flow.

MM Rocky — builds up a bumpy, rock surface texture. I find this useful for any complex texture or pattern (despite the name, I use it often for areas of implied vegetation too!)

MM Rocky II (Follow) — Applies an abstract, rectangular texture. One of my favorites, I love using this to create rocky visual interest. (Blends great when used as Smudge tool too!) Great for painting sides of rock formations where there’s a clear directional flow to the shapes.

MM Cracks (Follow)— For shadow cracks in the hills, highlight ridges, and more.

MM Thick Grass (Follow) — great for clumps of thick wild grass. Try painting it with a slight curve.

MM Shrub (Radial) — spin this around in a tight counter-clockwise circle to paint bushes. (I often do a few circles, then use lassos or other brushes to clean up the silhouette and paint out parts of the shapes I don’t want.

MM Desert Brush (Azimuth) — a more specific brush to paint stylized clumps of rabbitbrush.  

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7 Custom Procreate Brushes

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Free Brush Pack: 7 Custom Brushes for Procreate

77 ratings
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