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Core Brush Pack: 29 Custom Brushes for Procreate

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A set of 29 custom brushes I made for Procreate to mimic more Photoshop-like painting behavior.

NOTE: If you're looking for my latest general-purpose brush pack, check out Flat+Angular Brush Pack.


MM Block Hard — I use this for blocking in shapes, especially when working in a more lasso / flat style. Also useful for quickly pushing paint around as a Smudge tool.

MM Marker II (Azimuth) — a marker variant, slightly messy. A go-to brush for blocking in shapes.

MM Lines — my default, basic brush for thin lines & details.

MM Block Rough — for blocking in with a bit more texture and not-quite-opaque fill.

MM Marker (Azimuth) — block-in with rough energy. (I’ve used this for speed-painting in the past.)

MM Vert — great for structures and quick thumbnails (inspired by Jama Jurabaev's workflow.)

MM Flat — often used for painting ground features in perspective. (Also building roofs.)

MM Round — just a clean, hard round brush.

MM Isometric — for sketching and blocking-in shapes when working in isometric perspective.

MM Soft — a custom airbrush that puts down a soft, slow gradient.

MM Smudger — my default brush for soft blending with the Smudge tool.

MM Streak (Azimuth) — A fun textured brush-stroke. Try it for wood grain!

MM Grain (Azimuth) — Great for slowly building up rough, directional texture.

MM Square — my default chalk-like brush for blocking and erasing.

MM Square Grit — a variant chalk brush with added grit.

MM Bristly — for a gouache-like effect and more textured paint coverage.

MM Smudge Rake — a hard rake-like shape for quickly pushing paint around with the Smudge tool (inspired by Jama Jurabaev's workflow.)

MM Smudge Hard — a hard geometric shape for pushing paint around.

MM Scatter — apply chaotic shapes, or rough-up edges with the Smudge tool.

MM Tris — an abstract, triangular scatter brush. Great for energetic polygonal notes.

MM Speckle — great utility brush for a variety of speckle effects / highlights.

MM Grit — a gritty scatter-brush for applying texture or rough smudging.

MM Geo — applies a scattering of abstract rectangular geometric shapes.

MM Diag — applies abstract geometric shapes in a diagonal pattern. Can also create interesting results when used with the Smudge tool.

MM Cloudy — for laying down interesting areas of fog / clouds / smoke / mist.

MM Shrub (Radial) — spin this around in a tight counter-clockwise circle to paint bushes.

MM Fan — spaced out vertical bars with grit. Can be used for vegetation or repeating textures.

MM Birbs — put some low-poly, abstract birds on it!

MM Diamonds — applies a scattering of abstract rough diamond shapes.

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29 Custom Procreate Brushes

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Core Brush Pack: 29 Custom Brushes for Procreate

35 ratings
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